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Bespoke Medical Concierge

Solice is London’s leading medical concierge providing personalised care to individuals and families leading international lifestyles.

Whenever and wherever you need us, we are there to support you with your personal doctor and medical team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Trusted, bespoke and preventative — the result is a flawless experience that enhances every aspect of your health.

The best doctors will pause, listen to symptoms and understand them in the context of the individual. Put simply, at Solice we connect the dots to optimise your health, whenever and wherever you need us.
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How We Work

Solice’s flexible and streamlined services are designed for the busy lives and high expectations of our members.

Providing one number for all your health needs through your dedicated GP, nurse and medical secretary.

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An exceptional experience. To have my tests completed, be presented with 3 world class specialist options, and then be seen in the comfort of my home all within 24-hours is unheard of. This is what modern medicine should be.

– Ms. AK

Professional, precise and effortless. My Solice doctor and nurse really couldn’t be more impressive, so peaceful and focused.

– Ms. MF

After our first meeting it was clear that the Solice team were on my wavelength, I knew I was in front of the right surgeon at the first home appointment and it felt like someone was always holding my hand throughout my treatment.

– Mr. BC

My wife saw a professor of cardiology, and our newborn son the kindest paediatrician; every anxiety disappeared. From start to finish our care has been flawless.

– CF Family

Solice Wellness

We believe wellness is integral to your health journey. Supported by our in-house medical team, we provide a holistic and tailored wellness service with specialist practitioners and effective, evidence-based services.

Our Story


“At Solice, we take time to understand our members, their health status and health goals. We have a clear, two-way dialogue to optimise their health in the very specific way that works best for their mind and body.”


Dr. Liza Osagie-Clouard MBBS MRCS PhD
Founder & MD

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